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New botanic initiative is the ‘Size of Wales’

Quite literally the size of whales
Photo (cc) Richard Fisher.
Don't click the photo, you know what the pun will be.

An interesting twist on an old cliché has been launched at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. In the UK the size of Wales has long been recognised as a useful measure of any disaster area (earthquakes, combat zones and the classic deforestation). Now there’s a new initiative trying to measure something positive in terms of the size of Wales.

Maint Cymru / Size of Wales aims to protect a region of African rainforest equivalent to the size of Wales. Current projects are a mix of conservation and tree-planting schemes.

You can follow @sizeofwales on Twitter. If you’ve got a new disaster or conservation project you’d like to convert into the size of Wales you can try this useful converter which also works with other units like the length of a London Bus and the weight of an African Elephant.

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