AoB Blog puts on its winter clothes

As well as changing the header image an background stripes, I’ve taken the opportunity to redo the theme. I’ve changed it round pull out the Content Snapshots. It means there’s more space on the front page for the other blog posts without them rapidly getting pushed off the front page. I’d like to know if this gets used, so I’ve added Crazy Egg tracking software to anonymously track where is getting clicked on the design. The data will be aggregated. I don’t think I could pull out an identify individual users, but it’ll only be active for the first page so there’s no deep tracking anyway.

The redesign uses a lot of CSS3, so it should look lovely if you use Opera or Chrome, ok if you use Safari or Firefox and it will work if you’re using one of the many versions of Internet Explorer. I know that many people are still stuck with IE6 because of their work’s PC policy. Nothing should jump around unexpectedly with this version of the design. If you’re interested in how it’s put together, I’ve updated the Credits page.

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