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Phytography blog Tony Foster who writes the Phytography blog has a nice idea going – botanical word of the day, building into an online glossary of botanical terms.

If we weren’t such honest people here at AoB we’d be tempted to steal it 😉


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  1. Thanks for the thumbs up regarding
    Annbot is actually welcome to use/link to/copy (but not steal the idea). What you see on line is part of a book I’ve been working on for 4 years and trying without success to get the eye of a Book publisher. The 6 New Zealand publishers I have approached aren’t interested (too specialised for such a small country, recession, risk, not in the clique of right botanical group etc..) But lovely and very supportive rejection letters. Overseas publishing houses are my next approach.
    The book is 99% finished as a manuscript. 1300 Botanical definitions much as on the blog and 750 photos. The Blog is a watered down taster of the book and i thought I would get the idea out there and get feedback on it. I’ve always thought its never any good doing science and not sharing your work so I’m pleased the idea is out there and people are being moved and responding.
    If anyone wants to know more, would like to publish, send me an email and I would be pleased to show the full manuscript.
    Check out my personal details and work history on the RHS of the blog
    kind regards
    Tony Foster

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