Blog Action Day 2011: Let’s Talk About Food #bad11

Blog Action Day is an annual event that encourages bloggers to talk about a specific topic. This year the theme is Food and it seems like an excellent topic for botanical bloggers. The day is October 16, which gives everyone a week to prepare. Pat has agreed to post something and I’ll be having a go at the secret history of cucumbers, which was the topic of a paper by Paris and Janick recently.

To take part in Blog Action Day you can register at their site and then write a post with #bad11 at the end of the title, like I’ve done here. If you are a botany blogger and taking part then if you let me know through a tweet or comment I’ll make a note and post links on our Facebook and Twitter streams.

If you’re not sure why Food could be a major topic, you can read Jaroslav Dolezel’s post on the possible Food Crisis in 2050.

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