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Annals of Botany – Biggest Year Ever

1000 papers

Annals of Botany has received more papers this year than ever before – we have just started processing the 1000th submitted manuscript. For comparison, 10 years ago in 2002 we received just 469 submissions, and when I started working for the journal a year later in 2003 we broke through the 500 mark for the first time – so 2012 will represent an increase of over 100%, both over the decade and since I’ve been here.

The 1000th manuscript is a good one to break the record with, as it deals with bee-pollination of an orchid and thus encompasses strong subject areas for the journal in recent years. In 2009 we published special issues on both plant-pollinator interactions and orchid biology, and since then we’ve had issues focussing on plant sexual reproduction (2011) and plant mating systems (2012). The 1000th paper will go through our usual rigorous peer review, and hopefully will be one of the 20% that makes it through to publication.

David Frost
Manging Editor
Annals of Botany



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