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Farewell to all our readers…

Our project with AoB Blog, in relation with our training in a new form of scientific journalism is now ending. We want to thank all the people who allowed us to achieve this project: Karine Alix and Alun Salt for their supervision, their advices and corrections; Mrs Ricroch and Dellagi for the organization of the corresponding course; all the people who suggested, corrected and encouraged our work, throughout this project; and finally, all our readers.

We are graduate students at AgroParisTech, the Paris graduate Institute in life and environmental science and technology. We thus took advantage of all the competencies we acquired in biology and ecology, and chose to write posts on various topics we were particularly interested in, to be able to share them with the AoB blog readers. The writing in both French and English was very interesting, and we believe we have acquired original skills in sharing Science with others.

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In view of the encouraging results about the impact and the follow-up of our posts among the readership of AOB Blog, in particular with an increasing French readership, we hope that this project will be renewed next year; other graduate students from AgroParisTech would certainly be as motivated as we, to disseminate new advances in plant sciences.

Once again, many thanks, and farewell to all of you. Antoine and Aurélien.

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