Explore Urban Forest with Earthwatch

I’ve been looking at a few Earthwatch expeditions. They look interesting but the cost for most of them is prohibitive. However, if you live near Boston or San Francisco then you could take part in an affordable one-day project this August.

There are are projects Exploring Boston’s Urban Forest and Exploring San Francisco’s Urban Forest. Urban Forest might seem like an oxymoron, but trees are an important part of urban environments. They also pose problems that you don’t tend to get in natural forests because they’re under unique stresses.

The cost is still prohibitive to me, because the fee doesn’t include transatlantic aeroplane tickets, but if you live close by it could well be worth looking into.

A well-labelled tree.
The inhabitants have of San Francisco have done their best to help tree-spotters. Photo: Jay Peeples/Flickr

Photo: Res Ipsa Loquitor by Jay Peeples/Flickr. [cc]by-nc[/cc]

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