Catching up with Botany 2013

Plant Science will save the planet
Louisiana – Jean LaFitte National Historical Park and Preserve, bayou areas south of New Orleans, Barataria Preserve, and canals connecting to Lake Salvador.

I’ve been catching up with blog posts from Botany 2013.

The Phytophactor has several posts on the subject, starting with Botanical Meetings – New Orleans. There’s a summary at No seeds, no fruits, no flowers: no problem.

One session that grabbed a lot of attention was “Yes, Bobby, Evolution is Real!“, a session that tackled encroaching attempts to inject selected religious viewpoints over others in US science classes. The session’s title was pointed, given that New Orleans is in Louisiana, where the state’s governor is Bobby Jindal. It was described by the Huffington Post as The Day That Botany Took on Bobby Jindal by Just Being Itself. Uh,oh! Botanists laugh at LA legislators who don’t like evolution, says the Phytophactor. Honest Ab notes that beyond that one session there was Evolution throughout the Botany 2013 Meetings, because that’s how plants get things done.

The tweets themselves have been collated and organised by J. Chris Pires into a Storify stream.

A search of the #BOTANY2013 hashtag on Twitter might still prove useful though as new tweets keep coming and some look very helpful.

Photo: “Plant Science Will Save the Planet” by Vilseskogen/Flickr. [cc]by-nc-sa[/cc]

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