The Tannosome, a new organelle, is discovered and the paper is free access

Doing the Money Dance
Photo: Bill Selak

We’ve put out a press release announcing one of our papers, The tannosome is an organelle forming condensed tannins in the chlorophyllous organs of Tracheophyta. The Tannosome is an organelle found in plant cells that helps build tannins, used by plants for defence.

When we put out a press release for a paper (or if a journalist tells us he or she is publishing about a paper) we make it available with free access immediately. Our papers become free access after a year anyway, but the way we see it is that if we’re yelling “LOOK AT THIS!” then it’s impolite to charge you a fee when you do.

So you can keep your money and celebrate in other ways.

Photo: Money dancing groom, by Bill Selak/Flickr. [cc]by-nd[/cc]

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