Physiological ecology and functional traits of North American native and Eurasian introduced Phragmites australis lineages

MozdzerBiological invasions pose serious threats to biodiversity and ecosystem services worldwide.  While the effects of invasive species are well-documented, less is known about which specific plant traits convey “invasiveness”, because most studies compare closely related but different species, which can confound results.  A review of the literature by Mozdzer et al. in AoB PLANTS compared the genetic lineages of members of the same species (Phragmites australis), specifically those native to North America and a lineage introduced from Europe, in an attempt to address this complex issue.  The authors found that the ability to change both physiologically and morphologically were the key to success of the introduced genetic lineage under current and predicted global change conditions.


AoB PLANTS is an open-access, online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of environmental and evolutionary biology. Published by Oxford University Press, AoB PLANTS provides a fast-track pathway for publishing high-quality research, where papers are available online to anyone, anywhere free of charge. Reasons to publish in AoB PLANTS include double-blind peer review of manuscripts, rapid processing time and low open-access charges.

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