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Analysis of variation for apomictic reproduction in diploid Paspalum rufum
Analysis of variation for apomictic reproduction in diploid Paspalum rufum
The diploid cytotype of Paspalum rufum (Poaceae) reproduces sexually and is self-sterile; however, recurrent autopolyploidization through 2n + n fertilization and the ability for reproduction via apomixis have been documented in one genotype of the species. The objectives of this work were to analyse the variation in the functionality of apomixis components in diploid genotypes of P. rufum and to identify individuals with contrasting reproductive behaviours.


Towards modelling the flexible timing of shoot development: simulation of maize organogenesis based on coordination within and between phytomers
Experimental evidence challenges the approximation, central in crop models, that developmental events follow a fixed thermal time schedule, and indicates that leaf emergence events play a role in the timing of development. The objective of this study was to build a structural development model of maize (Zea mays) based on a set of coordination rules at organ level that regulate duration of elongation, and to show how the distribution of leaf sizes emerges from this.


Genotype, development and tissue-derived variation of cell-wall properties in the lignocellulosic energy crop Miscanthus
Species and hybrids of the genus Miscanthus contain attributes that make them front-runners among current selections of dedicated bioenergy crops. A key trait for plant biomass conversion to biofuels and biomaterials is cell-wall quality; however, knowledge of cell-wall composition and biology in Miscanthus species is limited. This study presents data on cell-wall compositional changes as a function of development and tissue type across selected genotypes, and considers implications for the development of miscanthus as a sustainable and renewable bioenergy feedstock.



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