Picture Perfect

Young Woman Taking Photos Of Sunflowers.

Are you a keen photographer? You are reading a botany blog, so we can speculate that you have at least a passing interest in plants! Over at photocrowd.com you can combine these two passions and throw in a little healthy creative competition, as they are currently running a photo contest to showcase your best images on the theme of ‘Seeds and fruit’ (entry closes Sept 19th 2014, midnight UK time, winners announced 25th September 2014).

Simply join photocrowd, and upload one or two images. By submitting your images into a contest you gain the right to see what other members have submitted on the same topic, and you can vote for your favourite images as part of the ‘Crowd vote’. You can choose to ‘love’, ‘like’ or ‘pass’ an image. The crowd votes are updated in real time, be warned – checking your current score and seeing what new images have been submitted can become a bit of an addiction! There is also an expert judge who choses their favourite image. In this contest the top voted pictures, as chosen by the crowd and expert, each win £50 of professional photo retouching.

Good luck!

This photo © Belahoche/BigStockPhoto.

Sarah Irons

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