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The European Space Agency is offering a free course on climate observation


If you ever wonder where climate data comes from then ESA, the European Space Agency, might have the course for you. Monitoring Climate from Space is a free online course that looks at Earth Observation. The variety of instruments in space, and their wide coverage of the planet is creating an awful lot of data. How can you pull it all together to get a clear view of what’s happening? Over the five weeks they’ll cover Earth Observation from the basics to a look at how the various climate models are made.

The course is the product of CCI, the Climate Change Initiative, one of ESA’s many units and delivered by FutureLearn.

If space isn’t you’re thing and you’re looking for something closer to home then there’s also courses coming up on Our Hungry Planet: Agriculture, People and Food Security and Soils: Introducing the World Beneath Our Feet.

If you’re planning to take one of these courses, why not let us know below?

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