AoB Blog (and others) at #IPMB2015

The 11th IPMB Congress was be held 25–30 October 2015 in Iguazú Falls, Brazil, bring­ing together lead­ing sci­ent­ists in this area. Luckily for us we had Michelle Cotta there tweeting for us. However she wasn’t the only person there on Twitter and there was some impressive stuff to tweet.

Annals of Botany had an interest at the event, with the announcement of a special issue on Plant Immunity, coming in 2016.

Michelle started with Qifa Zhang’s plenary talk.

Next day started with a talk by @jimhaseloff.

Will Marchantia polymorpha become the Arabidopsis of synthetic biology? Jim Haseloff explains the attractions of the liverwort on his lab page.

There was a plenary lecture on plant immunity

Oct 27 was a busy day for everyone.

The day closed with anticipation of a big event to follow.

Even though it was time for flip-flops there was no slacking on Oct 28.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls. Photo: Martin St-Amant / Wikipedia.

On October 29, there was still plenty to see both on the exhibitor stalls and in the talks.

The last day of an epic meeting still kept up a flow of science to rival the local falls.

…and thanks to all who tweeted from the event. You can see it all on the #IPMB2015 hashtag on Twitter.

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