Silberweiden (Salix alba) und Birnbaum im Hockenheimer Rheinbogen

Stories of 2015: January

What were the most popular stories of the year? This year we’re looking at what was most popular on our Facebook page to see what stories you liked or shared.

Silberweiden (Salix alba) und Birnbaum im Hockenheimer Rheinbogen
Silberweiden (Salix alba) und Birnbaum im Hockenheimer Rheinbogen. Photo: AnRo0002 / Wikipedia/.

January started with three stories that were almost as popular as each other, but Nigel Chaffey came out on top with 5396 views for this post about mosses:

Alan Cann came close with 5246 views for this post on wild roses:

Third, with 5028 views came this article, spotted by Alan Cann, on the internal plumbing of Chloroplasts at eLife:

Obviously I’m hoping that none of these are the most popular posts for December, otherwise the last post in the series will have even more déjà vu than usual retrospective posts. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at February.

Alun Salt

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