Plant surviving in harsh conditions.
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New Deadline for submissions to the Endemism Special Issue

Plant surviving in harsh conditions.
Photo: Mick Hanley.

Annals of Botany will be publishing a Special Issue in early 2017 based around the broad theme of Endemism Hotspots as Climate Change Refugia and including contributions from the speakers at the ESA symposium. The Special Issue will be edited by Reed Noss, Susan Harrison and William Platt.

This is an open call for submission of additional papers for inclusion in the Special Issue. All types of papers (primary research articles, reviews, viewpoints, research-in-context) are welcomed. If you have a manuscript that you would like to be considered, please send an outline (Title, Authors and 250–500 words) to by 29 February 2016. If agreed, the full paper would need to be submitted by 1 April 2016, in order to enter the full peer review process.

You can see the full announcement here:


The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Oxford.

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