Twitter versus Facebook: March 2016

March was almost a Nigel Chaffey grand slam. It took something special to stop him taking the most popular post on all our channels.

The most popular Annbot tweet came from the Linnean Society, who liked Nigel’s commentary on Leaf Litter.

The catalyst for Nigel’s post was a review by Scott Zona and Maarten Christenhusz of litter-trapping plants.

No human could keep Nigel from sweeping the month, but a machine could.

Wired’s news that the machines could be taking over some of Botany caught the imagination of our Facebook followers, though it was popular on Twitter too.

Our most popular post this month was another review, this time by Nigel of a Botanical Treasury.

I suppose if we were paying attention, we might think to invest a bit more in our review efforts next year.

Tomorrow it’s sex, violence and how you might connect them.

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