Twitter versus Facebook

Twitter versus Facebook: October 2016

October was a mixed month. We lost a botanist in terrible circumstances. There was some hope though.

It seems the wrong word to describe this as our most popular tweet.

It reads incorrectly, as I wrote, re-wrote and re-wrote this. I hope it’s something I don’t get a lot of practice at. UCDavis has a memorial gallery.

On Facebook you shared this interesting bit of science.

It’s based on Photonic multilayer structure of Begonia chloroplasts enhances photosynthetic efficiency and is another good paper from Nature Plants.

I’m cheating with the most popular blog post this month. It was actually the call for Botanical bloggers. We’re working on this (a bit behind schedule) and the call is closed, so instead I’ll share this.

If you’d like to set up a student botanical society at your university, then here’s some guidance you might find helpful.

Tomorrow the leaves turn colour and we approach the end of the year.

Alun Salt

Alun (he/him) is the Producer for Botany One. It's his job to keep the server running. He's not a botanist, but started running into them on a regular basis while working on writing modules for an Interdisciplinary Science course and, later, helping teach mathematics to Biologists. His degrees are in archaeology and ancient history.

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