Annals of Botany

Effects of environmental factors on dark-adapted photosynthetic induction

Plants grow in a variable environment. While the effects of various environmental factors such as CO2 concentration, temperature, air humidity, and blue light on steady-state photosynthesis have been well documented, there has been less focus on the effects of these factors on photosynthesis in fluctuating light.

Photosynthetic induction and stomatal conductance in dark-adapted tomato leaves.
Photosynthetic induction (A, C, E) and stomatal conductance (B, D, F) in dark-adapted tomato leaves, as affected by Ca (A, B), Tleaf (C, D) and VPDleaf-air (E, F). Irradiance was raised from 0 to 1000 µmol m−2 s−1 at time = 0 and kept steady for 60 min. In A, C and E, the first 30 min of induction are shown. Mean ± SE (n = 5).

Kaiser et al. reveal that these factors influence photosynthetic induction and its underlying processes in dark-adapted tomato leaves. Photosynthetic induction rates (PIR) increased in high CO2 concentration and decreased in low air humidity, while leaf temperature caused a slight raise and blue light had no impact on PIR.

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