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#BotanyLive is… LIVE!

#BotanyLive, a series of plant-based videos from various locations, for Fascination of Plants Day is now live. You can get a list of events at the Botany Live website.


It’s not a full list of events because anyone can join in. We’re recommending Periscope, but you’ll see that the front page of the site is scanning Twitter and Instagram for #BotanyLive hashtags because you could upload 60 second videos to Instagram too.

PDT (Los Angeles, Vancouver) = UTC -7
MDT (Denver, Edmonton) = UTC -6
CDT (Chicago, Winnipeg) = UTC -5
EDT (New York, Montréal) = UTC -4
ADT/BRT (Halifax, Brasília) = UTC -3
BST/WEST (UK, Portugal) = UTC +1
CEST (France, Italy) = UTC +2
IST (India) = UTC +5h30m
AWST/CST (Perth, China) = UTC +8
JST (Tokyo) = UTC +9
AEST (Melbourne, Sydney) = UTC +10

The first video is due to go live this evening at… well time zones are a problem. We’re listing the times in UTC and the local time. To convert UTC to your local time see the panel at right.

So the first session Let’s talk about plant superpowers! goes live at 2200 UTC, that’s 6pm local time, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, or 11pm in the UK. Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz will be looking at what inspired Sci-Fi super-heroes Groot and Poison Ivy in a session designed for children ages 7-8.

Tomorrow there’s quite a few sessions.

[NEW] 7.50 Argentinian Plant Women Scientists
Gabriela Auge talks about Argentinian women plant scientists – what do they do, and why do they love plants? This session will be held in Spanish, and will be repeated Thursday 13.40, Friday 7.50 and Friday 13.40 UTC.

0930 From Models to Crops: moving Arabidopsis genes into Wheat!
Start the day with a brief tour of the Innovation Farm at the National Institute for Agricultural Biology (NIAB). There will also be interviews with scientists who are using the NIAB Wheat Transformation facilities in order to move their interesting Arabidopsis genes into Wheat.

1000 X-ray Vision – A lab tour of the Hounsfield Facility
This session will showcase the technology and application of X-ray imaging techniques to non-destructively measure plant leaf and root systems at The Hounsfield Facility.

1030 How many plants are there?
Dr M. and his team have invited local school children to the Botanic Garden at University of Reading. We ask how many plants there are and how many plants we have used today and we finish by asking what they have found fascinating about plants during their visit?

TBC UK Time Brendel’s Anatomical Plant Models
Herbarium curators Rachel and Donna take a sneak-peek of the new exhibition ‘Object Lessons’, showcasing amazing scientific models and illustrations. Find out about the beautiful, turn-of-the-century plant models produced by the German Brendel company.

13.40 Argentinian Plant Women Scientists

[NEW] 15.00 Planting the World in a Garden
The Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra will plant a species from each continent. Here, you can follow the plantation of a Eucalyptus deglupta.

1600 Fruits and Vegetables in Central California
Monica Lewandowski will be guiding us and showing what grows in a Californian garden.

1700 Let’s talk about plant superpowers!
Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz is back with another look at plant superpowers for those who missed it first time.

1700 Discovering DNA: A tour of the ABRC DNA laboratory
Get a behind the scenes look at the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center’s (ABRC) DNA laboratory at The Ohio State University. Join Research Associate Benson Lindsey as he provides a virtual tour – explaining how ABRC collects, replicates and preserves DNA resources for researchers around the globe, and shows off the DNA robot!

2100 Agriculture in a Box – What’s New in Controlled Environments
Kevin Folta will be reporting live from the ICCEA Conference in Panama City, Panama. Tune in to hear about the newest breakthroughs in indoor agriculture technology, and learn can be used for profitable production of high-value specialty crops.

2230 Plant Adaptability
Matt Candeias will be talking about the ability of plants to adapt to changes in their environment.

0100 (Friday, but really Thursday evening on the US East Coast) Advice from Plants to People
The Montshire Museum of Science will host one of its ‘Montshire Unleashed’ nights with the theme based around Ian Street’s plant science advice tumblr blog, where he doles out advice from plants to people, grounded in the biology of specific kinds of plants.

And there’s more.

Science About Science are running a Plant Panel for FoP Day / Botany Live. If you have a question – any question – about what you see or plant science in general, our Plant Science Panel will be here to answer it. Tweet @senseaboutsci using #plantsci.

Thanks for support with this go to The Society for Experimental Biology’s SEB+ and Plant Biology sections. Also to the Annals of Botany Company for giving us time / funding to work on this.

You can also tweet the three plant scientists during the day at @anneosterrieder, @PlantTeaching and @IHStreet

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