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一切都必须结束 Saturday Tweets from #IBC2017

All things must end, and the International Botanical Congress does today, but what have people been tweeting?

Insights into the Evolution and Biogeography of the Compositae



The Evolution of Tropical Diversity

Plant Invasion Risk, Control and Ecosystem Security

Use of Target Capture and High-Throughput Sequencing as a Tool for Plant Systematics

Arabidopsis: Genomics and Natural Variations

Polyploid Genomics

Integrated Research in Magnoliales

Effects of Thermophilisation on Alpine Vegetation


Genome Duplication and Variation

Linking Heterogenous Data in Botanical Research

Decoding the Epigenetic Language of Life

The Closing Ceremony

(I’ll just leave this tweet from earlier here…)

…and most importantly

…and thank you to everyone who has tweeted from Shenzhen.

Alun Salt

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