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不能阻止植物学家 Thursday Tweets from #IBC2017

We continue our curation of tweets from the International Botanical Congress with this selection from Thursday.

We continue our roundup of tweets from Shenzhen, starting with an important observation from yesterday.

Jeff Ollerton has another blog post giving an inside view of Shenzhen

Structural characteristics of forests and diversity of woody plants in China.

Application of genomics to crop plant improvement

Another Abonminable Mystery: Gene-Body Methylation

Mechanisms of microRNA degradation

Mapping Asia Plants

Understanding Kranz Anatomy in Maize

Thinking through the e in e-floras

O-GlcNAc signaling mediates vernalization sensing in wheat

Big Data in Plant Genomics

Applications of Genomics to Plant Crop Improvement

Linking Heterogenous Data in Botanical Research

On the Exceptional Value of Model lineages in Systematics and Comparative Biology

Plant Growth in a high CO2 world

Distinct evolutionary dynamics of C4 and CAM photosynthesis

Chromosome evolution and introgression

Ecology and Evolution of Parasitic Plants

Taxonomy and Conservation of Ferns and Lycopods

Comparative Genomics Perspectives on Crassulacean Acid Metabolism

The Evolution of Tropical Biodiversity

Niche Evolution and Biome Assembly Through Time

Ethnobotany of Mountain Regions

The Juan fernandez Archipelago

Increasing the Sustainability of Agricultural Ecosystems

Plant Organellar Genomics and Phylogenomics

The Evolution of Apomixis in Natural Plant Populations

Plant Genome Size in Diversity and Evolution

Bioinformatics resources for Comparative Functional and Phylogenetic Analysis

The Megadiverse Island of New Guinea

The Brassicaceae Family

Species Richness of the Pan-Tropical Genus Begonia and its Conservation

Ginkgo: An Evolutionary and Cultural Biography

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