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早晨合唱 Wednesday Tweets from Shenzhen #IBC2017

The Tweets from the International Botanical Congress in China continue. Here is a selection of tweets from Wednesday on the Twitter stream.

We continue with a selection of IBC2017 tweets. I’ve tried to avoid the International Broadcasting Convention and, starting today, IBC Bunkering Week.

Wiley are on a roll in publishing. They have the new Plants, People, Planet journal with New Phytologist tomorrow and now this:

And while we’re a little behind Shenzhen here, we are well ahead of Rio de Janeiro

The Evolution of Plant Sexual Diversity

Computational Morphodynamics


Functional traits Explaining Plant Responses to Past and Future Climate Changes

Saving Plants


Plants Under Global Change

The World Flora Online


Systematics, Population Biology, Morphology and Conservation of the Grape Family


Ecological Processes of Grassland Ecosystems (?)

Large-scale Sequencing of Biodiverse Plants




Outside (a lot)

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