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Greetings from Shenzhen! #IBC2017

I thought with Shenzhen being inside the GreatFirewall, I would either need to help people with tweeting from IBC2017 or else I could take some time off. In fact there seems to be plenty of people tweeting from Shenzhen, so there should be a flavour of the experience. Though not all flavours are great.

It’s clearly going to be massive, with over 6000 participants at the event

The city has put on quite a welcome

The first talk was by @SteveBlackm0re on greenery in cities, something China is trying to expand.

The plenary talk by Peter Raven introduced the Shenzhen declaration, with Biodiversity being a key element.

Though it has its critics.

The conference touchscreens look stunning.

…as do the galleries

…and if you’re there you can meet some of the Annals of Botany editors at stand E33

There’s some good news for Outreach

Hopefully there’ll be more people tweeting from Shenzhen tomorrow

And finally, but most importantly Jeff Ollerton has blogged from Shenzhen – twice!

Alun Salt

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