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Shenzhen – City of 7000 Botanists #IBC2017

The conference is in full swing Jeff Ollerton’s latest post makes clear that this is a massive event, with almost 7000 Botanists in attendance, and 3519 talks.

Systematics and Comparative Biology

Plant Breeding

Tropical Plant-Animal Interactions: Coevolution in the Anthropocene

How do Plants Age and Die?

CAM and C4



Phosphorus Nutrition

Polyploidy: evolution, function and diversification

Polyploidy: early effects and evolutionary implications

The Moss Tree of Life

Hybridization and Phylogentic reconstruction

Key Questions on Angiosperm Macroevolution

Plant response to Phorphorus and Nitrogen

Plant Response to Drought and Salt

Origin and Diversification of East Asian Flora

Molecular and Genetic Analysis of seed development

Harnessing New Genetic Approaches to Improve Restoration Success

Evolution of Floral Traits

People and Plants – the Unbreakable Bond


(Paper at Ecology)




It looks like everyone’s hard at work.

Alun Salt

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