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Genetic and genomic approaches to biomass crop improvement

We’re still at Bioenergy Genomics 2017, streaming talks when we can.

We’ll be processing these to go on to YouTube. In the meantime you can see the rushes, as it were, through the tweets and Periscope links.

Bioengineering improved photosynthetic efficiency to sustainably increase productivity in C3 and C4 bioenergy crops.
The SweTree Lecture – Steve Long, University of Illinois, USA and Lancaster University, UK


Designing Future Bioenergy crops: a key role for the hidden half?
Malcom Bennett, University of Nottingham, UK


Genomics and ecophysiology of poplar drought acclimation.
Andrea Polle, University of Göttingen, Germany


Elucidating ABA signalling and its role in drought tolerance in perennial trees.
Rishi Bhalerao, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden


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