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Ideotypes for yield in a changing climate – drought stress and beyond

We’re still at Bioenergy Genomics 2017, streaming talks when we can.

We’ll be processing these to go on to YouTube. In the meantime you can see the rushes, as it were, through the tweets and Periscope links.

Linking improved genetic and physiological understanding to deliver greater water productivity to commercial breeding programs.
The Annals of Botany Lecture – Greg Rebetzke, CSIRO Canberra, Australia


Transcriptomic analysis of interspecific diploid and triploid willow hybrids.
Larry Smart, Cornell University, USA


Water stress from phenomics to field: towards identifying a suitable ideotype for resilient yield in the bioenergy crop miscanthus.
Paul Robson, IBERS Aberystwyth University, UK


The nature of the progression of drought stress drives differential metabolomic responses in Populus deltoides.
Timothy Tschaplinski, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA


Plastic or adaptive? Linking genotype to phenotype to define an ideotype for drought tolerance in Populus nigra L.
Gail Taylor, University of California, Davis, USA and University of Southampton, UK


Drought adaptation characteristics of a giant reed mutant.
Walter Zegada-Lizarazu, University of Bologna, Italy


Morphological and physiological comparison of Arundo donax ecotypes to drought stress in the field.
Matthew Haworth, National Research Council CNR-IVALSA, Italy


Alun Salt

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