Lime tree

The meiotic behaviour of doubled-diploid and the origin of triploid limes

Lime is the only Citrus horticultural group including natural polyploid cultivars (C. latifolia and C. aurantiifolia) in addition to diploid species. Rouiss et al. uses cytogenetic analysis and molecular marker inheritance studies to reveal preferential chromosome pairing and disomic inheritance in doubled-diploid ‘Mexican’ limes (C. aurantiifolia) associated with their interspecific origin (C. micrantha x C. medica).

Lime tree
Image: rusak / 123RF Stock Photo

The resulting diploid gamete structures are compatible with an interploid-cross origin of natural triploid limes. Interploid reconstruction breeding using doubled-diploid lime as one parent is a promising approach for triploid lime diversification.


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