Annals of Botany

Towards turgor-driven growth in FSPs

In many scenarios, water availability plays a determinant role in plant growth. Current functional-structural plant models (FSPs) mainly focus on plant-carbon relations and largely disregard the importance of plant-water relations.

Dimensions of a basic plant architecture in 5-d intervals
Dimensions of a basic plant architecture in 5-d intervals, resulting from running the model to simulate 35 d, clearly displaying an exponential pattern of the final organ dimensions.

Coussement et al. adapted an existing water-flow and a storage model was made was for integration into FSPs. It applies explanatory concepts of water flow, water potential and turgor on the scale of individual plant organs with a direct link to plant growth in 3D. The model is applicable to any plant architecture and allows visual exploration of the dynamics in plant organ water content and growth.

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