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Seeking Science? See ScienceSeeker

Every so often you find a new site, and then discover everyone else has known about it for years. For once, this is a site I’ve known about for ages – but it seems not everyone else has. So for those of you who don’t know – if you’re interested in science blogging, you should be following ScienceSeeker.

ScienceSeeker is a site that’s been going since 2011 and the first Science Blogging conferences. It’s not a science blog itself. It’s a site that aggregates science blogging. For example here’s the Plant Science bundle, which is a bit patchy as some sites are a bit generalist, but it does help keep an eye on what’s happening. From the Biology bundle, I found this post on the Hereford Pomona, at the Biodiversity Heritage Library. If you’re looking for new sites to visit, then this curated collection of sites is an excellent place to start.

However, if you’re a blogger – or a plant podcaster – then I think you should also be looking at this as a place to get listed. We tend not to get too many visits from these bundles. But when we’ve been one of the picks of the week on the blog, there has been a measurable uptick in traffic.

You can follow ScienceSeeker via their mailing list, Facebook or Twitter. If you’re looking for general science reading it’s an excellent place to start.

Sadly the other site that used to aggregate science blogging, ResearchBlogging.org, remains inactive.

Alun Salt

Alun (he/him) is the Producer for Botany One. It's his job to keep the server running. He's not a botanist, but started running into them on a regular basis while working on writing modules for an Interdisciplinary Science course and, later, helping teach mathematics to Biologists. His degrees are in archaeology and ancient history.

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