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Celebrating 1, 10 and 100

Treasurer Roderick Hunt celebrates a few milestones for the Annals of Botany Company.

This year it’s celebrations all round at the Annals of Botany Company, because 2019 sees our first online-only, open access journal AoB PLANTS reaches its tenth anniversary. Mike Jackson has written a commemorative piece for the journal which charts its steady progress towards wide acceptance and financial security. Mike was the founding Chief Editor of the journal and has also been around to help both of his successors, Hall Cushman and Tom Buckley to achieve solid progress.

In the same year, the Company has now launched a third primary science title in silico Plants, under the Chief Editorship of Steve Long. Our flagship title, the broad spectrum Annals of Botany, has always been the go-to outlet for computational and modelling work in plant science, but this community’s breadth and high aspirations now demand a more specialized outlet of their own and exciting work is now beginning to flow in.

Both Annals of Botany Company and its publishers Oxford University Press are not-for-profit organizations which reapply any financial surpluses to scientific or educational purposes rather than to the benefit of individual stakeholders. One of the ways the Company does this is by supporting media which are largely non-revenue earning, such as the highly-regarded web log Botany One and the weekly newsletter The Week in Botany. While they always include highlights from Annals of Botany, AoB PLANTS and in silico Plants, these media’s remits are much wider and anything from the world of plant science can, and does, crop up within their pages.

Just a picture of some email
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In fact, TWIB celebrates its hundredth issue this week! But there is little time for fanfare as Editor Alun Salt has been busy putting out his electronic feelers to capture and precis all manner of interesting developments from the world of plant science publishing. TWIB is always a fascinating skim-through of a Monday morning and Alun’s punchy style gets you to the real point of each piece in double-quick time. So, if you find you like it, share it. That’s what it’s for.

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