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The Annals of Botany Company is seeking a new Chief Editor to lead the digital magazine Botany One, as its current Chief Editor Dr Anne Osterrieder is stepping down due to a job change. Established in 2010 as ‘AoB Blog’, the site underwent a major rebrand in 2017 to widen its scope. Botany One’s remit is to make current plant science research accessible to a wider audience, drawing from both from our own journals and those published by other organisations.

The Chief Editor of Botany One will take strategic and editorial oversight of Botany One, working together with the Digital Producer and the Social Media Assistants.

The role can be carried out remotely, with optional travel to Oxford for team meetings and to relevant conferences. All travel and related expenses will be reimbursed by the Company.

The initial appointment will be for two years. Remuneration will be in the form of an honorarium of £6,000 for an estimated 5 hours per week.

We are welcoming applications from applicants with a plant science (or related) background, substantial experience in science communication and social media, and experience in editing articles in English for a general audience. The candidate should be research-active and/or be active within the academic community.

Please send your CV and cover letter to Hugh Dickinson, Chair, Annals of Botany Company at by 26th March 2020 (18:00 GMT). For further information on the post, contact Alun Salt (Digital Producer, Botany One) at

Key tasks

  • Lead on the site’s editorial and social media strategy
  • Commission original content and provide editorial guidance to contributors
  • Lead on themed weeks and writing initiatives
  • Oversee the collaborations between the magazine and the scientific journals
  • Represent and promote Botany One at conferences and external events Mentor guest contributors, particularly PhD students and early career researchers, in science communication and blogging skills
  • Communicate regularly and meet occasionally with members of the AoB Company
  • Report formally on the magazine’s activities to the Annual General Meetings and Winter Meetings of the Annals of Botany Company, which take place in Oxford and London respectively

About the Annals of Botany Company

The Annals of Botany Company is an educational charity that has been supporting plant science for well over 100 years. We publish Annals of Botany (started in 1887) and the open-access journal AoB PLANTS (started in 2009). These international journals cover all aspects of plant biology, publishing peer-reviewed research articles, reviews and comment on the widest range of botanical subjects. We also publish in silico Plants, started in 2018 and containing only computational plant science, and the highly popular web blog Botany One that carries lively views and analysis of current research findings from all of plant biology and ecology. For those who like a regular update on plant science news from the blogs and social media, there is our email newsletter The Week in Botany (specimen issue here) to which anyone can subscribe.

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