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Postdoctoral Research Officer in Environmental Science

Based in Bangor, North Wales.

Applications are invited for the above full time 24-month fixed-term postdoctoral research position to support the research work being undertaken by Prof Davey Jones in Environment Centre Wales in the fields of soil-plant-microbial science, nutrient cycling and sustainable agricultural practice, extreme events and greenhouse gas emissions. We are seeking a postdoctoral level candidate to help undertake laboratory and field experiments that support ongoing projects (e.g. plastic pollution in the terrestrial biosphere, nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture, soil carbon cycling, rhizosphere biology, sensors). It is expected that the post will generate a wide range of high quality journal papers. It is expected that the post will aid in the supervision of PhD students working in the group to help them achieve their maximum potential. This post would therefore suit a candidate who would like to build their mentoring skills whilst also being given freedom to undertake high impact research in areas mutually agreed by the candidate and the team. The post is ideally suited to someone who is looking to build towards a future fellowship application.

For more details see Jobs.ac.uk


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