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Annals of Botany wants your papers on Macroalgae and Plant Reproduction

Deadlines are approaching for two forthcoming special issues of Annals of Botany.

There’s a busy time ahead in the Annals of Botany Office, with deadlines for two special issues fast approaching. If you’re working on Macroalgae or Plant Reproduction, now is the time to get your submission in to maximise your paper’s impact.

Macroalgae in a Changing World: Call for Papers

The first special issue focuses on “Macroalgae in a Changing World.” Marine macroalgae, more commonly known as seaweeds, play a vital role in our intertidal and coastal shelf ecosystems. However, they are highly susceptible to the effects of environmental and anthropogenic changes. This special issue aims to bring together research on the impacts of these changes on macroalgal ecosystems, as well as potential mitigation strategies and habitat management.

Topics covered in this issue will include:

  • Ecophysiological effects of environmental change
  • Anthropogenic change and macroalgal distributions
  • Disruption of trophic interactions involving macroalgae
  • Impacts on ecosystem service provision
  • Conservation and habitat management
  • Mitigation of global change using macroalgae

The submission deadline is 2 June 2023, so don’t hesitate to send your primary research, reviews, viewpoints, or research-in-context articles. Reach out to Mick Hanley at mehanley@Plymouth.ac.uk for more information.

Plant Reproduction in a Changing Global Environment: Call for Papers

The second special issue is titled “Plant Reproduction in a Changing Global Environment.” Plants are the difference between Earth being a thriving biosphere and being a ball of rock with a few unspectacular microbes. To keep things in a happy state those plants have to reproduce each generation, else the backbone of any ecosystem away from a volcanic vent vanishes. Yet their survival and reproduction are threatened by various global changes. This issue aims to address the effects of these changes on plant reproduction and explore potential actions to ensure a sustainable future for the world’s flora.

Topics in this special issue will include:

The deadline for submissions is 1 July 2023. Scientists studying the impacts of global change on plant reproduction are encouraged to submit original research articles, review papers, or perspectives. Contact Rowan Sage at office@annbot.com for more details.

Alex Assiry

Alex Assiry is an editorial assistant in the Annals of Botany Office. When not working, Alex listens for the opportunity to help.

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