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An Artist of the Botanical World

In the late 18th century, the twice-widowed Mary Delany created nearly a thousand breathtakingly beautiful and intricate paper “mosaicks” of flowers.

Giving a Lecture

Presentations and purpose

Several posts have discussed presentations, because both teaching and conference talks are such an important part of what many botanists are doing – telling people about our research. Annals of Botany...

Big Question: Feast or famine?

This video from the The University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment makes a strong case why we're going to need more plant scientists. Lots more.

Chinese Bridge at Biddulph Grange Gardens

What I did on my day off

I visited Biddulph Grange Garden, a National Trust Property in Staffordshire. As visits go it wasn’t a huge success. The sky was solid cloud that hammered the light flat, meaning there was no real light and shade...

A mapping tool to add to my wishlist

A mapping tool to add to my wishlist

This tool from Gatewing looks like the kind of mapping equipment I dream about. It’s a very simple idea. You can use a groundstation to control a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) equipped with various devices to...

The New Face of Science in the World

I remember sometime ago when I opened a journal to read a scientific paper, most papers were authored by two or three people from the same laboratory, less often from different laboratories of the same country and...