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The height, girth, and locations of some of the world’s tallest tree species by Hemp et al.

Plant Records: The (Almost) Invisible Giant

Name: Tiama African Mahogany Scientific name: Entandrophragma excelsum Known for: Being freakishly good at hiding despite its size Record broken: Height There was a surprising article in Biodiversity and Conservation...

NQFF the last

What have you been sharing on Twitter this week? Sadly the death of Roger Tsien, but also some other links you found useful.

NQFF: Moss, moving and Madagascar

The second week of the trial run for NQFF. Are the lists of followers helpful, or are you just interested in the stories? I ask as the lists of twitter accounts take far longer to format than the stories. The reason...

On recent events

We have tended to keep to botany here, or at least things directly relevant to botanical researchers. I’ll admit this might come as a surprise to one or two people so here’s why some non-botanical material might be...