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Ginkgo biloba

It’s fruit Jim, but not as we know it

There’s an interesting paper we’ve just moved to free access: Gymnosperm B-sister genes may be involved in ovule/seed development and, in some species, in the growth of fleshy fruit-like structures by...

Gingko biloba

Our August issue is now online

The inset cover image shows the fleshy structures formed by the outermost seed integument (sarcotesta) of the gymnosperm Ginkgo biloba, which are attractive to animals and thus act like angiosperm fruits from a...

Detail of the stigma of a flower of apple, Malus × domestica

August Image: Apple Stigma

This month the inset cover image shows a detail of the stigma of a flower of apple, Malus × domestica. The acquisition of stigmatic receptivity is concomitant with secretion of arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs, strained...