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Cosmic Farming

MELiSSA delivers AstroPlant

We have an interest in plant biology in space here on the blog, so naturally we’re excited about MELiSSA’s AstroPlant desktop greenhouse. Normally we’re blogging about either space salad or else plant...

Arabidopsis root

The European Space Agency goes back to its roots

The roots are Arabidopsis roots. They’ll be flying, along with the rest of the plant, on a parabolic flight to see how they react to zero gravity and hypergravity. Franck Ditengou of the University of Freiburg in...

Are radishes the perfect astronauts?

Are radishes the perfect astronauts?

A common question is if you were to leave a spaceship without a spacesuit, what kill you? Would you boil in the lack of pressure, freeze, explode, asphyxiate or what? How long could you survive before death? A story...

Black Plants at Sunset. Photo (cc) Tambako the Jaguar

Astrobotany on the web

A couple of Astrobotanical stories have caught my eye in the past week. I renewed my subscription to SciAm Digital today and read the story Black Plants and Twilight Zones. It’s subscription only, but if you read...