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Image: Micael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons.

Bark I

Image: Micael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons. As we try to draw a veil over some aspects of 2010 there are still ripples surrounding the headline-grabbing oil pollution event resulting from the explosion on the Deepwater...

Image: Luc Viatour, Wikimedia Commons.

Bark II

Nanotechnology, the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale, and generally dealing with structures of 1–10 nm is one of the more exotic technological developments of the late 20th century. However...

Image: Richard Wheeler, Wikimedia Commons.

Plant genomic triplet

People rightly bemoan the fact that you inevitably wait ages for a bus to turn up, and when it does eventually happen oftentimes several arrive at once. As with public transport, so too in the world of plant genomics...