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Image: Peter Woodard/Wikimedia Commons.

Bloody royal French gourd debunked

One of the most unusual plant-based items that has come to my notice recently is this rather ‘quirky’ item that sheds a forensic botany light on an episode of ‘regicide à la française’ when King Louis XVI had an...

Melones insipidi

The Disappearing Watermelons of Europe

How do you see a watermelon that isn’t there? Paris, Daunay and Janick continue their study of the changing crops of Mediterranean Europe with a study of Medieval iconography of watermelons in Mediterranean Europe...

Medieval emergence of sweet melons

Medieval emergence of sweet melons

Sweet melons, Cucumis melo, are highly prized today; however, the lack of enthusiasm for melons in Mediterranean antiquity indicates that they did not possess the sugary sweetness of modern melons. Paris et al., through...