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How notifications on Twitter and Facebook can help you to keep up to date with plant science news

We asked our social media-savvy work experience student Alexandra Boliver-Brown to put together a guide for our readers on how to stay up to date with your favourite plant science news site. Incidentally, her favourite plant science news site is AoB Blog. We are not complaining. Facebook The first way to stay up-to-date with your favourite science news site is by liking and following its Facebook page. By simply ‘liking’ the Facebook page, you will periodically see its posts in your news feed. But the best way to ensure that you never miss an update is to turn on ‘notifications’ for...

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Image: Wikimedia Commons.

New plant journal

It just had to happen, but we didn’t know it would take nearly 150 years to come to fruition. And fruition is an apt word because the creation of a new botanical journal has recently been announced by the publishers behind Nature, the world’s premier general science journal. Imaginatively entitled Nature Plants, this new organ is due to be officially published in January 2015 but already has interweb presence with a blog and can be ‘followed’ on such social media as Facebook and Twitter. Its aim is to provide a fully rounded picture of the most accomplished and significant advances in the plant...

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from our Facebook page.

Plant Science on Facebook

It’s not just us who have a Facebook page. There are many other botanical organisations that have a page too. Unfortunately, changes in Facebook’s news feed mean that these pages are less likely to be seen by readers. As a possible solution we’re experimenting with a weekly round-up of entries to the end of the year. Sadly I can’t embed notes from Facebook here. If you want to see what’s been in our stream, including why mushrooms would be something you see on a plant science page, then you’ll have to visit us on Facebook.

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Image: GUESS/Wikimedia Commons.

The sociable botanist

An advert seen in my local virtual newspaper, Green Times Perennial, ‘Botanist, GSOH, out-going personality, WLTM other like-minded individuals for walks and talks on plant-related matters, maybe more…’, intrigued me: just how do botanists/plant biologists/plant scientists find others of a similar phytological persuasion? It isn’t that easy, especially as we seem to be thinly spread over the globe. Well, as old and traditionally rooted as botany is, we need to grasp the nettle and explore these new-fangled ‘social media’ things. To that end, why not start with Anne Osterrieder’s site, which extols the virtues of Twitter, Google+, and Facebook? Anne...

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A clearer picture?

In my role as Internet Consulting Editor for Annals of Botany, I spend a fair amount of time counteracting the idea that the job is all about jumping on the latest Internet fad, or in being in some way a “techie” or a “geek”. It’s not – this job is all about people. It’s about using technology to ensure we are best serving our existing readership of plant scientists, but also about reaching new audiences who might be interested in our content if only they are able to find it. We want to show people what we are about, and...

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It's great when you find Botany you like

Looking for things to like

We’re reworking our Facebook page, now that the new layouts are available. You could use the page as a sampler for the blog, but I’m wondering if we can do more with it. One of the things Facebook is good at is making connections, so I’d like to do that. Can you suggest any pages we ought to like? I’m particularly interested in Botany and Plant Science university departments so that we can connect prospective students to departments in the search tool. If you like us then pages we like are moved up in your results in Facebook’s search engine....

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