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Final course: ‘Coffee’… *

Or, rather, something to ponder as you finish your meal, maybe with a coffee. Whatever your food(s) of choice, you need the right equipment – e.g. teeth – to cope with it (unless it’s a liquid or intravenously...

black-grass and wheat

Black-grass: the farmer’s nemesis

Visit an arable farm in England, particularly in its central and Southern parts, and ask the farmer what their number one problem is on their farm. They will most likely tell you it is black-grass.


Farming in the DNA

Archaeology shows that farming spread across Europe from the Middle East. For Europeans, farming started in the Fertile Crescent in the Levant, Turkey and Iraq around 8-9,000 BC. It spread into SE Europe around 6,500 BC...

The Hulk

The Hulk is Green, but is he Organic?

Scotland is to ban GMOs, because there’s more to GMOs than Science. It might sound good, but is it really a way to a more ‘natural’ method of farming? What mutants can you grow in Scotland? View Poll...

Image: Scott Camazine/Wikimedia Commons.

The ultimate packed lunch?

Image: Scott Camazine/Wikimedia Commons. Heterotrophy is so time-consuming: find prey, stalk prey, catch prey, consume prey… Preying all of the day and all of the night in some cases. How much more straightforward if...