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Cretaceous flowers of Ericales

Cretaceous flowers of Ericales

The rapid increase in knowledge of the fossil record of angiosperms in the past 30 years has provided important evidence on the antiquity of different lineages. Schönenberger et al. add to the fossil record of asterids...

Friedrich Justin Bertuch, Bilderbuch für Kinder, 1790–1830.


In biology, matters are rarely either good or bad; oftentimes they may be both at once (albeit usually for different organisms). Take for instance hydrogen cyanide, which is widely regarded to be rather bad since it is...

Professor Mark A. Wilson, The College of Wooster, Ohio/Wikimedia Commons.

Rocks versus Clocks

What happened 670 million years ago? Can’t remember? Doesn’t matter, that’s why we have palaeobotanists. Palaeobotanists that is whose science it seems has been much under-appreciated amidst the high expectations, hope...