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The close connections of polyploidization and TE dynamics.

Impact of transposable elements on polyploid plant genomes

Transposable elements (TEs), together with polyploidization have a key role in plant evolution, generating changes in genome size, as well as acting as a source for new coding and regulatory genetic sequences. Vicient and Casacuberta review the main consequences of TE activity in plant genomes and gene evolution, in particular after polyploidization events. Over a short period, polyploidization tends to induce bursts of transposition, probably due to a relaxation in the genome’s epigenetic control. Over longer intervals, TE bursts may induce global changes in genome structure, including losses of large genome regions and chromosomal rearrangements. This paper is part of...

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Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Tiers for souvenirs?

News of a new-ish plant science journal now. The Open Access online Frontiers in Plant Science, which ‘welcomes outstanding contributions in any field of plant science from applied to basic research, from organismic to molecular studies, from single plant analysis to studies of whole ecosystems, and from biochemical to computational approaches’ was launched in 2010 and is currently into its 2nd volume. Its 12 specialty botanical sections cover Cell Biology; Evolution and Development; Genetics and Genomics; Nutrition; Physiology; Proteomics; Traffic and Transport; Plant–Microbe Interactions; Functional Plant Ecology; Virology; and Technical Advances in Plant Science. It accepts so-called tier 1 articles...

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