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Go Botany: the new site for New England Plant identification

Go Botany – Plant identification on a computer or tablet near you

First came Flora Novae Angliae, the definitive manual for the identification of native and naturalized vascular plants of New England. Now comes the website with thousands of full-color images and illustrations for teaching and learning botany. Dr Elizabeth Farnsworth has told us about the New England Wild Flower Society’s announcement of the first stage of Go Botany, the Society’s exciting, new open source website that teaches botany and plant identification, is now online. She writes “Imagine a field guide at your fingertips that can help you learn about the native and naturalized plants of New England! Maybe you’re a teacher looking...

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Image: Jorge Quinteros, Wikimedia Commons.

iPhone 4 ID? OMG!

If you thought that acquiring the expertise to identify plants took many years of application, you’d be wrong. Now – apparently – it takes only one application (or ‘app’ in modern parlance). Or such seems to be the intention behind Leafsnap, the first in a planned series of electronic field guides being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution in the USA. Using software originally developed to recognise human faces, the ‘app’ (which is free!) identifies tree species from photographs of their leaves. In addition to an identification, Leafsnap provides photographs and information...

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