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Drosera capensis

Snacking helps Drosera’s appetite

A paper by Pavlovič et al. has caught my eye this week. Feeding on prey increases photosynthetic efficiency in the carnivorous sundew Drosera capensis has moved into Free Access. I’m used to the idea that...

Carnivory and photosynthesis in sundew

Drosera, the hunter

The hunting cycle of the carnivorous sundew Drosera capensis, including prey attraction, digestion and subsequent benefits from nutrient uptake.

Image: Satu Suro/Wikimedia Commons.

Tentacular spectacular

All plants are fascinating, but some are more fascinating than others (to misquote George Orwell, English novelist and journalist). And what is more fascinating than a new insight into the world of the carnivorous...

Image: Petr Dlouhý, Wikimedia Commons.

Taming the carnivore

Animals are well known for recognising a good thing when they see it. So, too it seems are carnivorous plants – those erstwhile gentle botanics that are not averse to digesting the odd fly or two to supplement their...