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Alan Cann

For He’s A Jolly Good (Senior) Fellow

When I started my PhD I thought about research. In the UK there are no lectures for PhD students, it’s purely about the thesis. It is perfectly feasible to leave a UK university completely ignorant of anything to do with teaching. I’ve been lucky at Leicester as I’ve met Prof. Derek Raine, who heads the Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and, through him, I’ve met Alan Cann, who’s AoB’s Internet Consulting Editor. He’s news at the University of Leicester this week, thanks to his Senior Fellowship status of the Higher Education Academy. If you’re looking for evidence that the division between...

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Science teaching resource

Science teaching resource

Relatively new to me – so maybe new to some of my devoted legion of readers (many of whom may be involved in teaching science, plant or otherwise) and therefore worthy of sharing – is news of the Understanding Science teaching resource. Yes, it’s ‘American’. So, you might be annoyed by the idiosyncratic spellings. And it is primarily directed at teaching students up to age 16. But, science is universal, and scientists are adaptable and resourceful, so we can accommodate ‘unusual’ spellings. Plus, it’s what we encourage our students to do with the concepts, ideas and knowledge that means that...

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A photographer

A new Creative Commons search for botany photos on Flickr

We changed the template we use for AoB Blog to HTML5 last week. We’re still using similar CSS, so there’s not a huge change in how the site looks, but there is a big change in how it is put together. It makes adding some features a lot easier and the first is a new Creative Commons photo search that uses the Flickr API. If that’s just a series of letters to you, the result could still be interesting. Searching for Creative Commons licenced photos on Flickr is easy with an advanced search, but not always useful. A search for...

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