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Trees and Roots

The roots of hydrotropism

Most plants are essentially rooted to a spot and immobile. While the factors they need for growth – e.g. sunlight, minerals, and water – are often present in the environment, they aren’t always close enough to the plant...

Golden gypsum crystals

Thirsty? Then suck on a stone!

Whilst it is claimed that only the taxman can get blood out of a stone, it seems that some plants can abstract water from stone-like minerals. Arguably, ahead of light, water is the most important abiotic factor that...

Image: Luc Viatour/Wikimedia Commons.


Rounding off our look at the elements, like other biota plants need water to live. If insufficiently hydrated they will suspend life activities (at best) or die (at worst). But unlike other biota – such as animals –...