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black-grass and wheat

Black-grass: the farmer’s nemesis

Visit an arable farm in England, particularly in its central and Southern parts, and ask the farmer what their number one problem is on their farm. They will most likely tell you it is black-grass.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Scaring the crows…

One way of increasing crop productivity is to increase the amount of grain or other harvestable product that is actually harvested from the plant. To that end scarecrows  were invented by human beings, although their...

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Arabidopsis must die(?)

It looks like somebody has taken the Danish advice to obliterate weeds in my previous item too far in producing a list of ‘The top 10 ways to kill arabidopsis’. Now, I know that for many of us Arabidopsis is a weed...

Image: From the Synopsis of Histories by John Skylitzes, 12th century.

Extreme thermal weed control

Ever mindful that we ought to pursue environmentally friendlier methods where at all possible, I’ve been scouring the literature on your behalf. Well, a search for a ‘greener’ method of weed control may have ended with...