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Genetic diversity of high-elevation populations of an endangered medicinal plant

A map representing 24 populations of Podophyllum hexandrum of Indian Himalayan range along with its pictorial representation from nature and bar plots represent STRUCTURE inferences of individual assignments two types of genetic populations.

Intraspecific genetic variation in natural populations governs their potential to overcome challenging ecological and environmental conditions. In addition, knowledge of this variation is critical for the conservation and management of endangered plant taxa. Despite its wide distribution across the entire Himalayan range, the current status of Podophyllum hexandrum, a highly important anti-cancerous herb, remains endangered. In a new study published in AoB PLANTS, Nag et al. characterized the genetic diversity of 24 populations comprising 209 individuals representing the whole of the Indian Himalayas, and found that regardless of geographic location, all of the populations were intermixed and composed broadly of two types of genetic populations. Their findings suggest that these populations have evolved well in response to the environment. This study will help in the formulation of conservation programs for P. hexandrum populations in this region.


AoB PLANTS is an open-access, online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of environmental and evolutionary biology. Published by Oxford University Press, AoB PLANTS provides a fast-track pathway for publishing high-quality research, where papers are available online to anyone, anywhere free of charge. Reasons to publish in AoB PLANTS include double-blind peer review of manuscripts, rapid processing time and low open-access charges.

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